“MKS GROUP” is a well established Conglomerate Business Group having expertise years of experience in Civil Engineering, Infrastructure, Manufacturing, Export – Import, Multimedia, and News-Media. Group is based out of Nagpur; Maharashtra very well connected locality of central part of India.

Founded in the year 1993, MKS Group today brings together entire range of core business under one umbrella thereby fastening the growth mantra than ever before from Civil Engineering, Roadways Development, Township Development, Land Development, Manufacturing, IT Solutions, Water Treatment Solutions, Satellite Survey Design Planning, Mining, Publications, Film Production etc.

Being with MKS Group, the benefits are numerous. Group delivery model transformational approach, better speed to market, seamless transition, single point dealing, raising the bar, business enhancement, accountability, greater commitment and most importantly the assurance of having an experienced group addressing business requirements randomly.


MKS CONSTRO-VENTURE PVT LTD. (Erstwhile M/s. M.G. Bhangdiya) is the Flagship Company of MKS Group working in Infrastructure sector mainly focused on IRRIGATION and HIGHWAYS – CIVIL ENGINEERING CONSTRUCTION Projects. Founded in the year 1993, it has spearheaded its hands in the field of IRRIGATION and HIGHWAYS Construction Projects. Flagship Company has registered with Government Authority with CLASS I – A registration which itself defines Company’s Strength. This has given access to participate for Unlimited Value Infrastructure Works Contract.


The Mks group comprise spread across India. Find out more about MKS companies and there operations

Canal Construction

Since more than 90% of international cargo moves by sea, ports – being the gateways to the hinterland – are critical for the efficient supply chain of any nation.

Earthen Dams Construction

MKS, through its expertise in irrigation, has stamped its authority as a leader in this sector. The company has garnered high-performance credentials

Aqueduct Construction

Responding to Government of India’s Mission 2012 for providing “POWER FOR ALL”, the Navayuga Group is venturing into power generation in a big way


Vision is Utmost Respected & Highly Integrated Civil Engineering Enterprise & MKS Mission is to Contribute extensively to the development of Society through Development of Infrastructure Facilities by providing Quality Services matching the Best in Industry which will satisfy benchmark set in terms of Quality, Price and deliveries.


Shri Mitesh Bhangdiya


Our Group Founder & Chairman is Shri Mitesh Bhangdiya, He is Graduated in 1984. He had started with small contract work of Rs. 1,00,000/- and now today on his own he has built this 100 Million Worth Organisation. He has vast experience in planning, Designing and Execution of Civil Engineering Projects.
MKS is the transformation of Proprietary Firm; of Founder & Chairman of MKS Group; into todays Growth-Giant Company. In 2011, The MKS got incorporated as MKS Constro-Venture Pvt ltd. Since then second Generation have joined the Chairmanwith their Civil Engineering Education which now sparking ground breaking ideas and implementing latest technology solutions for the Roads, Irrigations, Tunnel Construction Projects.



We choose to be honest in all our Business and Transactions and remain steadfast even when challenged. We strive for consistency between – what we Think, what we Say and what we Do


We are consistently humble in our approach to and interactions with people. We treat every person with respect at all times, unconditionally.


We recognize that organization interest is supreme, above individual preferences and goals. In all our decisions, actions and dealings we put the Organization before self.


We have an urge that drives us to intensely focus on performance and act decisively with high energy to achieve the desired results.


We always demonstrate a ‘can-do’ mindset and engage to deliver organizational goals. We look upon challenging circumstances as opportunities to enhance our capabilities and find ways of achieving





“Commitment to excel in the chosen field of construction and to provide engineering solutions in harmony with the environment and with the quality of workmanship to international standards.”

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