The project is situated near village Kawalewada in TirodaTaluka of Gondia District in Maharashtra State. The project envisaged construction of concrete bandhara across Wainganga River, Pump Houses at Kawalewada and Bodalkasa rising and gravity mains, distribution chamber, feeder canals and Renovation of the existing canals. The Irrigable command area of the project is 103825 Ha. and the water usage is 327 Mm¬¬¬3 from Wainganga River and 363 Mm3 from Irrigation Tanks in the command.
We have been awarded the work of Command area survey, planning, design and drawings of the Dhapewada Lift Irrigation Scheme Stage – II. We have completed the command area survey work of 112578.73 Ha. In the command area of the Project there are no. of irrigation tanks having their individual command area. We have surveyed the entire area and have given planning of the alignments of Rising Mains from the pump houses and Gravity mains. The total length of the Rising Main is 208.25 Km. The alignments of the Rising mains have been prepared by us after surveying the total command area by using modern techniques like Satellite survey, Total station etc. The survey of various canal alignments of length 421.255 Km is done by us. The alignment proposals along with design of the canal section and location of various structures on canal alignment are marked as per the various Government circulars. We have also designed 239 Nos. of canal regulatory and cross drainage works on the canal alignments.
We have also surveyed the command area of the existing Minor Irrigation Tanks in the command area of the Project. Revised Alignment Proposals of the existing canals in the command area are prepared and design and planning of the existing canal system has been done using modern design techniques. The design of the canal distribution network is done up to field chak level using the satellite survey and other modern design techniques.