The Kaleswaram Project is one of the prestigious and dream project of Telangana State. It is formulated for the irrigation of 738851 Ha. in Adilabad, Karmnagar, Nizamabad, Warangal, Medak, Nalgonda and Rangareddy Districts of the Telangana State. This Project envisages construction of following three barrages between Yellampally and Medgadda.
a) Medigadda Barrage on Godavari near Medigadda (Kaleswaram)
b) Annaram Barrage on Godavari downstream of confluence of Manair River with Godavari River near Annaram
c) Sundilla Barrage on Godavari downstream of Yellampally barrage near Sundilla.
We are proud to be associated with all the components of the project mentioned above by contributing our technical knowledge, expertise and capabilities. Our site office for these works has been equipped with the Quality Control Laboratory having equipment required for tests required for earthwork, embankment etc.
In Medigadda Barrage work we are constructing the right side guide bund on the up steam and down stream side of the Midigadda Barrage. This work includes construction earthwork in embankment of the Guide Bund and other ancillary works like riprap pitching, rock toe, toe drain etc. The work is being carried out using modern earth moving machinery.
In Annaram Barrage works we are constructing the approach channel for the Annaram Pump House. This includes Excavation, Cement Concrete Lining work of the approach channel. We are also entrusted with the work of Head regulator in the approach channel to regulate the flow of water to the Annaram pump house. The head regulator has 9 gates. The work of erection of gates is in progress. The concrete lining work of approach channel is being carried out using batching plant, transit mixers, lining Pavers. The concreting work of the head regulator is also carried out by using modern machinery.
In Sundilla barrage we are constructing right side guide bund on up stream side and down stream side of the Sundilla Barrage. This work includes construction of embankment, stone pitching, rock toe, toe drain, cut off trench excavation and filling etc. All these activities are being carried out by using the modern earth moving machinery and equipment. Strict quality control is being observed for the entire works.